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Terms and Conditions


By ‘Client’, we mean the owner or proprietor of the business, proprietors may have more than one venue, or ‘Location’, but they are the sole individual considered to be our Client. ‘Staff’ refers to the Client’s employees. We consider ourselves to be the ‘Provider’ of a service to the Client. When we say Provider, we mean the RE-SRV team, the website as a service and the people who build, manage and maintain it.

RE-SRV is a digital product developed, owned and operated by Arnold and Pearn Ltd. company number 07553142, VAT registration number 172 5731 06.

Your subscription

Your subscription entitles you to use the RE-SRV online service, the widget, a public booking page and the diary system as it currently stands.

You are able to manage your reservations, your Staff logins and Location details including when you are open and at what times people can book. You have control over the maximum number of people who can book at any one sitting through the system and when the latest time you’re willing to accept a booking through the system is on the same day.

An Account Manager will be appointed to you when your subscription is started. This person will become your main point of contact for support and account queries as well as the development and execution of any promotional campaigns.

Promotional emails

As part of the monthly subscription we allow you, the Client, one promotional email per month to be sent out to all or part of your customer list. We will initially design one bespoke HTML email template that will form the basis of all future promotional emails. This template will be accessible by the RE-SRV team only.

Your Account Manager will work with you to create a brief for the monthly promotional email with the intention of creating a piece of communication that fulfils one single-minded objective for your business. We reserve the right to refuse the creation or distribution of material which we think does not align with fair and decent marketing messages.

All brand assets should be supplied before the template is created, this will include any and all available elements such as logo, imagery, graphics and brand guidelines if they exist. We may not be able to create an initial template without the supply of suitable brand assets.

Any imagery used in the promotional emails should be provided by the Client and we will assume that it is free from any copyright issues and that we are entitled to use, and manipulate it in order to provide an effective piece of comms free from accreditation. We can source or generate imagery and illustrations should it be needed but there will be additional costs involved which will be passed on but only after those costs have been approved by you (the Client).

Text (also referred to as ‘copy’) for all promotional emails should be supplied by you. Your Account Manager will sense-check and may offer up suggestions which we believe may improve the effectiveness of the messaging but the design process will not be started until a ‘copy script’ is supplied each month.

We will generate a monthly report for all months that a promotional email campaign is ran. We may tweak and change what the report contains but our aim is to provide you with enough information so as to measure success or improve future promotional emails.

Minor changes to the design/layout will be acceptable as part of the monthly promotional email but we may not be able to accommodate all feedback. We will do our best to meet your needs but may need to push back on or decline some requests.

We may place a limit on the number of recipients per monthly campaign. Increasing the number can be discussed with your Account Manager before a mutually acceptable additional fee may be agreed and paid before the campaign is ran.

A digital proof of the email will be supplied to you for sign off before the campaign can be ran. It will be the responsibility of you, the Client, to supply us with enough information to design and produce the promotional material and that all content, promotional messaging and mechanics are honoured and inline with any legal requirements or guidelines.

Your Account Manager will have one point of contact with the Client. Should you as the Client wish to delegate the responsibility of day-to-day contact to a member of your team, you should make this person known to your Account Manager. This designated team member will become the sole point of contact for communications regarding promotional material development and sign off. Sign off and feedback will only be taken by one person, this being the Client or their designated replacement.

Marketing lists

Customers booking through the widget will be presented with a way to opt out of accepting marketing from the Location they are booking with.

RE-SRV will assume that verbal or written permission will have been granted by any customer added onto a marketing subscription list through the manual booking system.

Your customers may choose to opt out of receiving marketing (promotional emails) at any time and we will always respect their wishes to do so. We do not wish to spam. We will always provide a clear and simple way for your customers to remove themselves from your Location’s marketing subscription.

Customer data

We will need a minimum of 50 unique customer email addresses before running a promotional campaign and before the customer segmented lists can be downloaded.

Your customer data will not be used by RE-SRV or any third-party to promote any other services, except where a customer appears on more than one subscription list on two or more of our Client’s Locations.

We will never contact your customers directly. Other than automatically generated booking confirmation emails, our aim is to be entirely transparent to your customers and for us to enable you to have direct communications with them.

Your Staff

We cannot accept responsibility for the actions of your staff, even after they may leave your employment. If they accidentally or wilfully delete reservations or change or lose any data relating to your business or Locations, we may not be able to retrieve it, and there may a charges for us attempting to do so.

You should destroy all Staff logins used by those who may leave your business to prevent them managing bookings.

You will also be responsible for keeping your and your Staff’s login details safe and secure. We cannot retrieve lost or forgotten passwords, instead they need to be reset through the forgotten password feature of the system.


First payment will be taken two days after signing up to the subscription, this gives us time to get everything set up in terms of Location details. The monthly fee will be taken on this same day each month thereafter.

A monthly subscription fee of £50 plus VAT will be charged for use of the service plus one promotional email campaign per month. One of our fundamental principles is that we are able to offer a service at a reasonable price so will always strive to keep our fees low, however, we may have to increase our subscription fee in time but will let you know in advance of any changes in this area.

Payments will be taken on the same credit or debit card used when you sign up. If for any reason there’s any problems with payments being drawn we will get in touch with you by phone or email. If payments fail consistently for more than 20 days, we may prevent you and your Staff accessing the system, the booking widget and or any public booking pages may stop working and access to customer data will be withdrawn, and no promotional email campaigns will be started, developed or ran.

Cancelling and refunds

You have the right to cancel within 14 days. After that a period of 10 days will be needed between letting us know you’d like to cancel and us stopping payments and provision of the service. Should a monthly payment fall within this 10 days, we may not be able to prevent the payment being taken. No refunds will be offered for services provided prior to 30 days of any disputes being raised.

We reserve the right to end provision of the service at any point but we will give all Clients three months notice and will continue to provide a service up until the end of that period, this winding up service may not include the development, production or execution of promotional emails although we will do our upmost to honour our subscription offering. We also reserve the right to end any one Client’s subscription at any time with 30 days notice, or refuse subscription to anyone we think may have a detrimental effect on the service we offer.


Your details as the Client will be kept on the RE-SRV system, local admin network, third-party payment system and secure cloud services. It will not be distributed to third-parties without your explicit, written consent.

Your customer’s details will be stored within the RE-SRV system with back-ups taken at times and stored on our local network. We may aggregate certain aspects of your customer’s meta data in order to improve the effectiveness of our product and services for the equal benefit of all.

We will never pass on your customer’s data to a third-party to be used for marketing purposes other than to replicate those outlined as part of our agreement with you.

Third-party services

We may on occasions use third-party services or platforms in the process of supplying a service to our own clients. Whilst we will do our best to provide a single, seamless service there may be occasions where those third-party services reveal themselves to either you or your customers.

There may instances where you or your customer’s data is channeled through third-parties but we will take care not to allow any such data to be used in ways that could be detrimental or inappropriate to you or your customers.


As with all digital systems, 100% provision of service cannot be guaranteed. Any downtime will be treated with the upmost of importance and all resources concentrated on the service being reinstated as soon as is possible. However, we cannot offer any compensation for the potential loss of business incurred by the system being unavailable.

Protection of data

Yours and your customer data is considered precious and we will do what we can within reason to ensure little or no loss of data occurs, however we cannot be held responsible in the event that some or all is lost or rendered unusable.

Credit card details are never held on the RE-SRV system, instead payment and processing is managed by a third-party provider, at this time, Stripe. Stripe is a well established and trust-worthy payment platform but RE-SRV cannot be held responsible for any loss or breach of data incurred by them.

Outside of our responsibilities

A reasonable and consistent internet connection is expected for usage of the service and the maintenance of your own internet connection, be that through your own ISP or mobile provider is the sole responsibility of the Client.

We provide a booking widget through an embedded iframe in your own website. Your own website, its maintenance, hosting and content is the sole responsibility of you as the Client. Should your own website fail for any reason whatsoever, your customers access to the booking widget will be hindered.

Your own IT systems including local networking and email accounts are the sole responsibility of the Client. The RE-SRV system uses email as a key method of passing on customer bookings as well as day-to-day account management, so failure to maintain this channel of communications may have a detrimental affect in the quality of service we can provide through no fault of our own.

Any hardware or devices you may use to access any aspect of the system is the sole responsibility of you as the Client. Failures, flaws or incompatibilities with the RE-SRV web service will not be considered the responsibility of us as the Provider.

Our hosting providers

We use one or more hosts to make RE-SRV available online. They may suffer downtime or loss of data for which we cannot be held responsible and cannot offer any compensation for the potential loss of business incurred to you as the Client.